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The Kase

The Kase is an international brand whose ambition is to exist everywhere. Jean-Emile et Steve Rosenblum are now at the head of The Kase ready-to-wear and custom-fit global brand.

The Kase is also a physical network in full expansion, present in 5 continents. The Kase network is constantly developing further in Indian Market through a meticulously designed business plan headed by Mr Kashif Khan is the most qualified leader and a remarkable brand guru.

The Kase offers an almost infinite choice of cases, covers and accessories that adapt to your tastes, moods, and style above all individual’s personality.

The most Phenomenal startup specialist and the biggest names in the world of fashion to the smartphone and tablet market, Mr kashiff Khan is a technocrat himself and has designed a comprehensive strategy to render India with quality kase for their products.