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Kashiff Khan

Know how to combine observation and imagination to become history's consummate leader



To become the leading businessman by spreading exceptional business modules and expanding globally.


To establish himself as a global personality that is to be recognised and regarded.


To become a Business Titan in the international market by partnering with other leading business personalities.


Kashiff Khan is an iconic name in the world of fashion and brand business development in India. He is the Managing Director of the world's largest fashion and lifestyle media brand, 'FashionTV, Asia Pacific. Mr Kashiff is also known as an author, writer, and business start-up specialist for companies all over the world.


Poverty is a complicated issue, but feeding the hungry isn't. Our mission is to provide bread for every stomach. Bhookant is an abbreviation for Bhook ka ant (end).

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In the world of fashion and brand business development, the name Kashiff Khan is a brand in and of itself. He is also known as an author, writer, and start-up specialist all over the world. He has received extensive media coverage as a result of his phenomenal ventures and the vast expansion of his business. While excelling in the Indian fashion industry, he has successfully established his place in the world.

Vision Is Hallucination Without Successful Implementation. Skill Without Storytelling Is Barren

Early Life

Before embarking on his exciting entrepreneurial journey, Kashiff Khan gained experience working in an Indian MNC SFA, where he began as a sales executive and eventually rose to become the Director On Board of the same company.

As a result of his dozens of years of managerial and business experience, he is now a knowledgeable titan in OTT and broadcast while birthing new concepts for business ideas and development in wellness, beauty, fitness, print and channel broadcast syndication and a master of communication.

Life won't Get Easier. You Simply Have To Get Stronger

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Business Savvy Traits

In his businesses and ventures, where his best forte is solution orientation, he has clearly demonstrated his ability to intercommunicate and harmonise very well. He contributes to planning and processes. He sees the ability to ask for help as a sign of strength, not weakness. He is also savvy in sales and marketing.

In a nutshell, he's a force that seeks out and seizes new opportunities.

Success Story

A technically inclined personality with strong interpersonal skills believes in and strives to inspire. His love of discipline keeps his company going smoothly, while his creative inputs keep his ventures fresh. He believes that self-awareness is the key to long-term success. He is constantly looking for and partnering with resourceful and competent people for his business and ventures. He adheres to process-oriented patterns. He has a great deal of empathy for the unfortunate. He has a communicative and self-motivated personality, which has helped him become the man of glory that he is today. He served on the board of selection committee for Miss FashionTV Europe 2019 and had the opportunity to crown the winner. He also represented FashionTV in its international expansion in Asian market.

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A visionary who can weave together different ways of thinking allows the mind to flow freely, free of programmed thought channels. Furthermore, it mobilises teams and followers to work toward their vision while providing a structure and organisation to guide them. With a sharp business sense and phenomenal leadership abilities. He enables plans for the future that he believes are favourable plans in the pipeline for the future. He is a philanthropic industry leader who invites future talent to be nurtured.