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A unique service Introduced in association with Mr Kashiff Khan - The new rules of car cleanup Mobile car spa to treat your car with the rejuvenating compassion that it requires the most.

The mobile car spa is the new rule of car cleanup. A door-to-door car wash service with a difference, innovative operation and technology. It puts cars first.

The car wash business has still not seen any unique development and there is a huge market to tap into in this sector.

Mr Kashiff khan saw it coming and came up with this creative business strategy that renders a service which will be the alternative for the future.

With over 1 million USD in disposable income, 23 lakh vehicles are produced annually in 19 top-tier cities.

It gives Mobile Car Wash a way to leverage into the market with its services to the middle and affluent class of society so that no car is left without a special spa treatment.