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The world's Largest Fashion and Lifestyle Media Channel

Mr Kashiff Khan, the Managing Director of the world's largest fashion and lifestyle media, FashionTV, is an iconic name in the world of Fashion and Brand Business Development in India.

Hence The President of FTV, Michel Adam Lisowski, saw a great pathway to penetrate the Indian Market spearheaded by Mr Kashiff Khan.

With immense knowledge of the business world, Khan set a phenomenal benchmark for FTV Indias Success by proposing various business modules.

Under his direction, FashionTV is setting standards in the Indian market to provide a range of unparalleled luxurious experiences with the state-of-the-art-techniques.

Moreover, Mr Kashiff is also recognised in the business world and has numerous plans in the pipeline to make FashionTV the leading business brand by outspreading with an exceptional expansion plan.