6 Ways To Break Into The Fashion Industry

6 Ways To Break Into The Fashion Industry

Find your niche – It all comes down to what you bring to the table that the others dont and why you stand out from the rest of your competitors. The rule of jack of all trades, master of none doesnt work here because then there is no strong point of difference about you. Build on your identity and try to build your name in that niche so that your audience instantly recalls your brand name.

Networking – With covid and lockdown, networking has become easier than ever. We are digitally connected now more than before and that makes it easier to build connections online and build on it. You never know how a colleague who you worked with at your first internship might lead you to your dream job using their connections.

Dont lose what makes you YOU- In the midst of trends, dont lose yourself. Your identity and your personal opinion are what define you and not hopping on the trend and trying to fit in. It is important to have your own point of view, opinion, and style and to stand your ground.

Learn to listen-While making connections and networking, dont forget to listen and exchange ideas in return as well. If you are someone who likes to talk a lot, make a conscious effort to listen in order to learn from your peers in the fashion industry. It is important to have a keen observation of whats happening around you to learn and grasp.

Accrue your fashion experience-Get as much experience as you can even if it is something outside your niche. Be it assisting someone with styling when you want to break into the industry as a model, you can learn so much while being there live at the studio and observing models pose for the photographer.

Never lose your fire- Have that hunger to learn and intern as much as you can. The fashion industry is constantly changing and its difficult to keep up with it sometimes but dont lose the desire to work and learn. Keep that red fire burning inside you and eventually, this attitude will lead to your ultimate career growth.