How Travel Affects Me As An Entrepreneur

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Kashiff Khan Insights On The Effects Of Travel

For as long as I can remember, travel has been one of my favourite things to do, whether it was just going on a drive after having a long day at work or exploring an entirely new place and meeting new people. 

As I have simultaneously managed numerous businesses and travelled these past few years, without consciously trying, travelling has had a significant influence on my learnings and choices as an entrepreneur from some very unlikely sources. 

The intangible character traits that can be inculcated while traveling are invaluable for our life as a whole. Naturally, it is our intangible traits that make up the people we are, which ultimately affect the type of entrepreneurs we become.

Entrepreneurs know that the most unambiguous path to success is consistency. If you want to succeed, show up day after day and do the work. However, some people take this mantra to an extreme and rarely take a break. Aside from the heavy drain on mental health, those who refuse to venture out of their comfort zones can negatively impact their businesses. If you’re entrenched in the same routine, it’s easy to ignore new opportunities and fall into the same bad habits.

Although taking time off to travel may seem counterintuitive to productivity at first, studies have proven that travel increases confidence and creativity, both of which are essential traits for entrepreneurs. Whether you take a short trip over the weekend or plan a couple of weeks to backpack across the world, travel is a boon for your personal as well as professional growth. Here are some ways traveling has changed my life:

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Most entrepreneurs love their work, but complex internal issues, too much stress, mounting outside competition, or too much of the daily grind can skew even the perspective of the most optimistic leaders toward the negative. Travel is an excellent opportunity to get out of the office giving the mundane a break. Fulfilling personal needs and wants can clear your mind to focus on moving your business forward, and the time away from it can make you excited to be back.


Travel is a great way to disconnect for a while and give your mind and body a break. If you feel like you might be stuck on a business issue, sometimes taking time off can be the best course of action. A break is necessary, as research has proven that much of creativity is related to neuroplasticity and the wiring of your brain. Travel significantly exposes the brain to different sights and sounds, and senses, creating new synapses that can rekindle creativity.

Patience and perseverance

Accomplishing simple, mundane tasks can take much longer and may require a lot of work and patience while traveling in a new place. Being outside of your comfort zone forces you to learn and apply new skills very quickly. The ability to remain calm and patient, along with the agility to quickly learn, adapt, and implement new skills, will serve you well in life as an entrepreneur.

Creative inspiration

Travelling to new and unfamiliar places, and especially living abroad, can expose an individual to new ideas or come up with new solutions that exist to problems in your native country. By viewing the world through a different lens, you can see more widely, and this trait will serve you to great extents as an entrepreneur. Several scientific studies have also suggested that multi-cultural learnings lead directly to enhanced creativity. 

Reading people 

In other countries, where language barriers often exist, a traveller is required to learn to read and understand different situations, as well as body language, to communicate and accomplish tasks effectively. Learning how to read people is a crucial business skill gained by spending time in foreign environments with foreign people.


Travel compels us to reassess previously held views and assumptions, especially on a racial and cultural level. Travel breaks down the dissension we see between people, increasing our ability to see the fault in stereotypical and judgmental thinking. While this idea may seem unrelated to your entrepreneurial life, it does, however, have a strong correlation to our creativity.

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