How To Practice Self-Care As An Entrepreneur

How to practice self-care as an entrepreneur

Kashiff Khan Insights On Self-Care For Entrepreneurs

When you are building a business, putting your own needs aside so you can devote as much time and energy to making your venture succeed comes easy. Managing your business, without any doubt, is a stressful venture. After a long day of work, I have often found myself stress-eating late at night when I couldn’t put myself to sleep.

Running a business means making changes to other aspects of your life and not ignoring what existed before you embarked on this entrepreneurial life/journey. It is vital to keep that balance between work and your personal life. When you are an entrepreneur, it is an unspoken rule that you should leave your work at work, (in the case of work from home: at your desk) when you get home. In this toxic productivity and hustle culture-obsessed world, setting strong work-life boundaries is the only way to keep your sanity.

In the middle of taking care of your new baby business, make sure to take time for yourself. While managing to find time for yourself while growing your business might seem like an impossible task to achieve but adopting small and steady baby steps may help you in this case.

Become a morning person-

Being an entrepreneur makes you a morning person by default. You become habituated to waking up at o’dark-thirty or even waking up at odd hours in the middle of your sleep (thanks to entrepreneurial anxiety).

The fresh morning air and thoughts allow you to think through things clearly without rushing through the details. It gives you time to talk through your inner stress and deal with it rather than go on a coffee overdose or stress eat with a side of zero sleep. Also, there is nothing a walk by yourself can’t solve. I often go for a brisk walk in the Bandra Reclamation and sit down alongside the sea with my thoughts.

Sometimes the things that stress you out in your mind is not as big as it seems and might be a trivial issue. Whether you find your source of solace around your significant other, birds, or by yourself, it is imperative that you find space to think, let go. It does wonders for your head and, to your surprise, also for your waistline (after all that stress-eating).

Set a routine-

Make an effort to stick to a routine because it will help you organise your day and prioritise your needs. Allow time for your emotional and mental growth. Don’t be a workaholic and follow the five-hour rule. Make a commitment to yourself to devote five hours one day a week or one hour every day, and stick to it. Don’t forget to rest enough so you can be productive during work hours.

Eat and stay healthy-

The yin and yang of entrepreneurship are about finding the right balance. Make sure that you are not only invested in your bottom line, but in your wellness, too. Along with grappling with the pressures of running a company, living an unhealthy lifestyle can lead to extreme mental and physical stress. If all you eat is junk and quick food, your body and mind will not function properly. You can’t create more time each day, but with a clean diet and exercise, you can create more energy and mental focus.

Find your tribe-

I discovered that having a great community not only kept me motivated but helped me meet and spend time with great people along the way. It’s critical to socialise and set aside time to meet and bond with your support group. Never allow yourself to get isolated. After a long and exhausting day at work, spending quality time with friends and family always rejuvenates and refreshes you. Developing and nurturing these relationships are important.

Learn to say no-

I learnt this the hard way but priortize your schedule and commitments and learn to say no when necessary. Take charge of your day and your work. Learn to delegate work to avoid getting exhausted easily. For years, I was the de facto leader of almost every project we worked on, but that just wasn’t sustainable. So, I’ve assembled a team of fellow leaders around myself who can shoulder some of the responsibility for our continued success.

Journal your worries-

Along with your daily business tasks, make sure to inculcate self-care in your to-do list. For some, it can mean face masks and for others, it means journaling. Journaling is a more introspective way of checking in with yourself. It will allow you to easily log habits such as diet, sleep, physical activity, alcohol and caffeine consumption, stress levels and social activity.

Brownie point: Continue to develop and grow your mind, be it through education, life lessons or experiences. Have control over your mind, your thoughts and actions stem from the inner workings of your mind. To build a successful business, learn to train and build your mind by constantly challenging it to learn new things and by growing strong to failures.

Everyone has different personal habits that help them achieve success, and you need to identify what those are for you. Once you do, you can build your life around these habits.

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