Fashion Industry And Its Harsh Reality

The harsh realities of working in fashion

Kashiff Khan Insights on Fashion Industry

Fashion is inevitably the most competitive industry in the world. You should consider yourself lucky if you are currently working in this industry or in a fashion house. There are thousands of hungry candidates who would die to be in your spot right at this moment. 

As much as glamorous as it looks from the outside, the big ball of reality only hits you once you start working inside the industry. You realize that what one sees on the shiny outside is just the end-product of a lot of hard work and determination. You’ve probably heard the good and seen the pretty, but you’ve never heard or seen the ugly or the bad. Here are some harsh realities of working in fashion:

1.   Attend fashion shows- If you believe being a part of this industry means you get free passes to front-row seats at fashion weeks, attend fancy gala events and get freebies, then it is time to get yourself a reality check. Fashion shows are by invite only and if there are places, they are limited and reserved for media, buyers and other key names in the industry.

2.   No social life- It is undeniably one of the creative and fulfilling industries in the world but it also requires sacrificing your social and personal life. Fashion never stops for anyone; you just have to learn to keep up with it. It will get physically, emotionally and mentally draining with meetings and events lined up one after another. You can bid your goodbyes to the elusive work-life balance.

3.   High tolerance to tantrums- You will have to learn to put up with a lot of things. Starting from interns who are made to do menial jobs and sometimes, personal work too in some fashion internships.  Moving on to freshers who join the industry and in the midst of making the right connections, put up with snarky attitudes, pretentious divas and outright jerks.

4.   Know the who’s who in the industry- The key to making it big in fashion requires one to constantly and very consciously make connections and network with the big names in the industry. From your first internship to that one assisting gig, you did while you were freelancing- every small contact matters and will eventually help you bag that dream job. It can be irritating especially when you’re starting out and have no connections in the industry but unfortunately, that is the harsh truth.

I really don’t want to sound like a cynic out here but anyone with the big fashion dream needs to be aware of these facts and not live in delusion. It is indeed true what they say that fashion is not for the faint-hearted. 

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